Preppers Be Extremely Careful


Prepper Groups Don’t Talk To Just Anyone.

Thought I would re post this warning to all you Preppers who love talking to the “Press”; originated from prepper groups.
I absolute agree with the no press policy they have in place and will enforce the same rule on our Prepper Group site –

preppers be ready

Prepper Groups – Don’t Talk To Everyone

Watch out for a troll by the name of Vjeran Pavic.
He tried to post this message to several people here:

Hi guys,

We are a group of journalists from Emerson College in downtown Boston.
We are interested in writing a piece about the preppers.

You seem like a great profile and would be a great addition to our story and we need someone like you with your kind of experience.Please let us know if we could possibly talk some more,feel free to contact us at:

VP vjeran_pavic [at] mac [dot] com OR 617 943 8854
KG kristina_garcia [at] emerson [dot] edu OR 305 878 8017

I spotted the posts and deleted them, then told him to read the site and it’s warning to “press” before spamming it’s members – and got the reply below, which says it all.

“Pardon me for trying to do my job. Your response will be a great feature to this story and will definitely tell a lot about your community and what kind of people you are – crazy, just as everyone says you are.

These guys are no friends to anyone prepping to be Ready.

Welcome To Ready Preppers .com

What is a “Ready – Prepper ?

Every one who considers themselves a “Prepper” has a different view of what it means to be “ready”
On this site we will be exploring the many reasons people are taking action to be prepared for disaster of some kind.
Personally although I think it important to have provisions and protection, I believe Spiritual Preparedness is by far the most important “ready-prepper” move one can make.